Guide to Self Quarantine Procedures

Simple and Easy Steps

Reserve Your Residence + Self Quarantine Place → Submit Documents to HireVisa →  DONE! 

HireVisa will Assist you to Do the Whole Process

(We will Provide you a Korean Phone Number 

& PCR Test / Transportation (Optional)

Before Arrival

Fill out the First Survey Form through E-mail

  • Provide Expected Date of Arrival through proof of Flight Ticket

  • Provide result of First PCR Test from Home Country

  • Receive Kakao Talk User Manual (in case of countries where Kakao Talk is not available, information regarding Home Country's messenger will be provided)

  • Provide confirmation of accommodation in Korea (if you do not have domestic accommodation, HireDiversity is here to help!)

Receive Second E-mail Notification

  • Receive Personal Number that will be presented upon arrival and public health center in Korea

  • Receive Manual on using Korean Phone Number

  • Receive Procedures and Regulations Guide on Self-Quarantine

  • Receive Information on Self-Quarantine Period and PCR Test (Second and Third) Dates

Upon Arrival

Receive Korean Phone Number

  • SIM Card Distribution upon Arrival at the ‘Welcome Hall’ in the Airport

  • Identify students’ actual entry status through SIM Card Distribution

  • Students are Recommended to use the Distributed SIM Card during Self-Quarantine Period

  • Receive Manual on How to Add 'HireDiversity' on Kakao Talk

Communication with Self-Quarantine Agencies

  • Receive Identification Call from the Airport

  • Register Local Public Health Center and Assigned Officer as “Guardians”

  • Receive Result of the PCR Test (Second) from Local Public Health Center

  • Periodic inspection on patients under investigation and confirmed cases

*Organization in Charge: Airport Quarantine Station/Quarantine Facility Team/Public Health Center/Public Officer

During Self-Quarantine Period


meetings with Students

Provide Integrated Communication Window

Provide 24 Hour Emergency Contact Information

Need Assistance? Our Staffs are on Standby for 24 Hours!

Last Day

Preparation and Notification of Quarantine Release

  • PCR Test (Third) Result Notification

  • Release D-2: PCR Test Taxi Reservation

  • Release D-1: Confirm PCR Test Status

  • Confirm Students' Residence Locations after Release

  • Confirm PCR Test (Third) Result and Release

  • Provide Evidence of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd PCR Test Results to Student's University

Self-Quarantine Program at a Glance

1. Arrival

  • Receive Information Prior to Arrival
  • Complete Quarantine Procedures
  • SIM Card Distribution
  • Transfer to Local Public Health Center

2. PCR Test

  • Conduct PCR Test
  • Transfer to Self-Quarantine Accommodation

3. Self-Quarantine

  • Accommodation Check-In 
  • Confirm PCR Test Status
  • Conduct Daily Health Check-Up

4. Release

  • Taxi Reservation before the Releasement Day
  • Conduct Final PCR Test
  • Receive PCR Test Result and you are FREE to leave!


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