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FAQs ㅡ

Q. [Payment] Can I make the payment through overseas wire transfer?

YES, but additional fee would incur due to exchange rate difference and overseas remittance fee.

Q. [Payment] I have completed the self-quarantine reservation and paid the deposit. What is the next procedure?

Upon completion of the self-quarantine reservation and payment of the deposit, you will receive an e-mail with information regarding the next procedures. If you did not receive the confirmation e-mail, please contact as at '' as the reservation request has not been successful. 

Q. [Service] Is it possible to receive packages or food deliveries during the self-quarantine period?

YES, you are able to order packages or food. BUT, you must make the payment prior to the delivery.

Q. [Service] Do you provide laundry and cleaning services?

Due to the nature of quarantine facility, you cannot go out of the room for 10 nights. As a result, laundry and cleaning must be done by the guests. However, drying racks are available upon request.

Q. [Room] Can I be assigned to a larger room if I make additional payments?

YES, we also provide larger rooms such as Deluxe Rooms and Suits (requires advance reservation).

Q. [Meals] Are there any vegetarian options for the meal?

There is Fruit + Mix Vegetable option available. In addition, you could make a food delivery.

Q. [Meals] Do you have vegetarian option?

Yes, we have. Please let us know when you check in Self-quarantine accommodation.

Q. [COVID-19] If I get classified as 'Patients Under Investigation (PUI)' during my entrance, will I be able to change my schedule without any penalties?

If you get classified as PUI upon your arrival, you can change your schedule without any penalties by contacting the Hotel.

Q. [COVID-19] Before using the room, If I get tested 'positive' during the COVID-19 Test, can I get a refund for the room charge?

Yes, a refund on room charge will be made but you need to pay the dates you used by days charges.


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